Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shocking Advertising Campaign

Diesel ‘Be Stupid’ Ads Banned for Being Indecent and Antisocial

For those who are adventurous and have the guts to do something offbeat would love these creative ads. These images are sure to zap you in case you haven’t seen these earlier. These portray sheer courage and are pretty blunt too. It is rightly said that when the message is depicted in the raw form it meets the targeted audience in a far better manner.

However, on the lighter side you’d probably not preach the same concept when out on roads or amongst the friends. Although it might help you in drawing their attention but a permanent concentration can ruin your image. So better not stick to the idea and understand the hidden message behind the Diesel ‘Be Stupid”.

Its being banned for portrayed a strong unexpected image of femininity.

How to Start a First Advertising Campaign


Define your target audience as specifically as possible. Concentrate on the most likely segment of the population to buy your products or use your services. "Teenagers" is too broad to do you much good when it's time to place your advertising. "Teenagers 14 to 17" is a much better definition.
# 2

Identify the media you wish to use for your advertising campaign. This should be easier once you've defined your target market. For instance, teenagers 14 to 17 years old are best reached on the radio, during certain programs on TV and in shopping malls. Place your ads where your potential customers will see them and in the way that they will notice them.
# 3

Work with a professional advertising agency if you can afford one. They'll be able to target and negotiate the most effective media for your campaign. At the very least, work with a graphic designer and copywriter to produce the most powerful message you can with both images and words.
# 4

Get quotes from at least three agencies and be clear about what you're getting for your money. When placing your own ads, check out all media that reaches your target market. Set up a savings account where you transfer a certain amount towards your advertising campaign each month, even if it means you have to live on beans and rice for the next few months.
# 5

Track the results of your advertising campaign. For each ad you place, no matter the medium, key it with a distinctive identifier so you know where your customer heard of you. For example, give out a different email address for every online ad you place. Or ask listeners of each radio commercial to mention a particular product name when they call.


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