Sunday, July 3, 2011

Celebrity Defects

Anyone who thought that celebrities are perfect was wrong. If not more they are a bunch of odd people with flaws in one place. They are missing everything from a belly button to a limb. Some of them are embarrassed to admit it; others are flashing their flaws all around the red carpet. Maybe if you are a celebrity it’s all right to be unique, even in the oddest possible manner, who knows. This list will reveal to you which celebrity is missing what and maybe give you more confidence in dealing with your own little flaws. Did you know about these celebrities with defects?

This lovable Friends character is by no means perfect. Matthew Perry is missing the tip of his right middle finger.
You might have missed by looking at this beautiful actress, in all her glory that she’s missing the tip of her left index finger. Sometimes she wears a brace to cover it up.
Megan Fox, the sex symbol of today, has a short thumb.
Actor Vince Vaughn has lost the tip of his right thumb in a car crash when he was 17.

The two most beautiful actresses, Kate Hudson and Halle Berry have weird feet.
Joaquin Phoenix has a scar between his nose and lips. It has been thought that he was born with a cleft lip, but the truth is that he was born with the scar which is a mild form of a cleft lip.

Have you ever wished you looked like a celebrity? Have you ever wanted to KNOW if you look like a celebrity? You are in luck! There is a very cool way to find out which celebrities you most look like. Be careful! This can become very addicting. And some of the results are quite comical! Have fun!
  1. Open your web browser and type in This will take you to the MyHeritage Celebrity face recognition page.
  2. Click on "Find the Celebrity In You." It should be right in the middle of the screen.
  3. Choose a photo of yourself (or someone else!) to upload. You need the picture to be a head shot (just shows the face) and you need to be facing FORWARD in the photo. In order for it to match your face to a celebrity's, it needs to be able to clearly see your face. If you need to, find a picture that you like and crop it so just your head is showing.
  4. Click "Browse" and search for the photo. Select the photo and then click "Run Face Recognition." This will upload your photo.
  5. Sign up. It's free and easy.
  6. Look at the screen. It will scan for a face in the picture (so if you're trying to be funny and are uploading a picture of a slimy banana, good luck with that). Then it will show you which celebrity you most look like!!! It only shows one photo and shows the percentage that you look like that celebrity.
  7. Click on "Celebrity Collage" at the top of the screen if you want to see more than one celebrity you look like. Then click "Create My Collage."
  8. Pick the photo to upload again. Upload the photo. It will scan for faces again to find your celebrity match.
  9. Choose collage template and click next. It will then show you 8 celebrities that it thinks you look like. You can select 5 of those celebrities to be added to your collage. Click next. Then click Preview.

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