Saturday, July 16, 2011

Funny objects thrown into the soccer field

Throughout the history of football, there are many supporters who are fanatical about his club. And the many ways they also apresiasikan to beloved club from the songs to enliven the atmosphere up to the blaring sound of firecrackers in the stadium. That's all they do to show that they are there as a player of the 12th.

But sometimes fanatical fans appreciate it too much in a club of their beloved. Here are the 10 strangest thing that ever thrown into the football pitch supporters throughout history.

1. Beach Ball

Occurred in Scotland in the match vs Glasgow Celtics.

2. Pig Head

This is a form of resentment against Luis Figo Barcelona fans, because Figo moved to Real Madrid which is the mortal enemy of Barcelona.

3. Scooter

This happened during the match Inter Milan vs Atalanta. Before the game started, Inter fans stole a scooter from Atalanta fans and put it into the stadium. Scooter in the store on an empty spot in the San Siro Stadium and tried to be directed into the field.

4. Rabbit

This happened in Greece, when the team match vs APOEL Nicosia Omonia takes place.

5. Vibrator

Crazy fans in Argentina threw the vibrator into the field.

6. Pig

It occurs in one of the clubs in Poland

7. Whisky Bottle

Occurred in Spain in 2006, when the match Atletico Madrid vs. Sevilla.

8. Donat

Supporters Hajduk Split (Croatia) to protest the president of their club by throwing donuts into the field. Incidentally they have a club president donut company.

9. Hand grenade

In a match in the 1966 match between Millwall and Brentford in the Old Den, someone from the audience threw a grenade at the Brentford goalkeeper Chic Brodie, who landed at the destination.

After getting thrown from the audience, Brodie asked the linesman to come check out what objects are thrown for him, after the linesman to check that the object was a grenade, he immediately suggests all players to leave the field as quickly as possible.

10. Tennis ball

Hull City fans decided to throw a tennis ball in the League Cup match against Bolton at the Stadium Reebox to get media attention Lloyd. And it worked.

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