Monday, July 4, 2011

Ninjas Demotivators

I always like ninjas! The sons of the night, invisible warriors of the shadows, silent death to all enemies … And now they have become the target of some humorous characters. But no matter – at least these demotivational posters are very good. So sit back and enjoy!

lol ninjas demotivators14
lol ninjas demotivators01
lol ninjas demotivators02
lol ninjas demotivators03
lol ninjas demotivators04
lol ninjas demotivators05
lol ninjas demotivators06
lol ninjas demotivators07
lol ninjas demotivators08
lol ninjas demotivators09
lol ninjas demotivators10
lol ninjas demotivators11
lol ninjas demotivators12
lol ninjas demotivators13

lol ninjas demotivators15
lol ninjas demotivators16
lol ninjas demotivators17
lol ninjas demotivators18
lol ninjas demotivators19
lol ninjas demotivators20
lol ninjas demotivators21
And I'd have a house under the ground All my friends would all come round Laugh about the ones that got away I wouldn't know the time of year It's easier to tan down here Yeah you should see them all When you sit in on Christmas day But at six o' clock, on the sixth of June is OK Got my life under the sun, pay for the things I've done Pay for my mistakes

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