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Cara membuat website sendiri dengan joomla 1.6 + Link Download & Ebook PDF

Membicarakan joomla memang seperti tidak ada habisnya. Di blog ini saja sudah ada sekitar 3 posting yang membahas cara menginstall joomla. walaupun begitu banyak orang juga yang masih sering bertanya seputar joomla. untuk itu pada posting kali ini saya ingin memberikan full tulisan tentang joomla dalam bentuk e-book. e-book ini memang tutorial untuk joomla 1.5, namun saya rasa pada dasarnya joomla 1.5 dan joomla 1.6 tidak terlalu berbeda jauh jadi jika anda sudah menguasai joomla versi 1,5 maka pada joomla 1,6 sudah tidak ada masalah lagi.
oh ya, Karena FlippingBook saat ini sedang tren jadi saya menampilkan e-book joomla dengan tampilan seperti itu  juga
( biar gak dikata ketinggalan jaman  )
Untuk mendapatkan e-book joomla, silahkan download menggunakan link dibawah ini :
Download e-book joomla Bag 1

Download Link : Download E-book Joomla Bagian #1
Daftar isi :
  • Selintas tentang joomla
  • Definisi CMS
  • Manfaat CMS Joomla
  • Cara installasi joomla di komputer sendiri
  • Cara menginstall joomla dengan fantastico
  • Cara install joomla Tanpa fantastico
  • Tips jika Lupa Password Admin joomla
Download e-book joomla Bag 2
Download Link : Comming Soon
Daftar isi :
  • Cara Menginstall komponen Joomla
  • Komponen Search Enginer Friendly
  • Cara menginstall Bahasa Indonesia
  • Menginstall Plugin Tmedit
  • Cara Menghilangkan Tulisan “Welcome to the Forntpage”
  • Cara download dan install template
Download e-book joomla Bag 3
Download Link : Comming Soon
Daftar isi :
  • All About Toko Online
File Pendukung Tutorial
Joomla : Joomla Full Package
Xampp : xampp
Karena berhubung file sangat besar jika dibundling, maka saya membaginya menjadi 4 bagian.
selamat mendownload dan membaca.

How To Make Your Computer Faster: Registry Cleaner, Improving PC Performance

It happens to all of us. You buy a new computer, you set it up, you turn it on, and it blows you away with its blazing speed. Then a year passes, then another, and pretty soon it seems like you're mired in crashes, slowdowns, that dreaded Mac beach ball, a PC that takes ages to start up, or a computer that hangs in limbo when you try to shut it down. You’re left wondering, “How do I make my computer faster?” In the past, instead of trying to make your computer run faster, you might have just bought a new computer. But in this economy you can’t just purchase a new computer if yours is running too slow. Isn't there a way to speed up a computer without spending an arm and a leg?

Yes. There are many slow computer solutions available to help your machine run faster. From basic housekeeping to increasing your RAM, these computer tips and tricks will help you learn how to make your computer faster.

Do Some Housekeeping

Whether you have a Mac, a PC, or even a Linux box, if you haven't done regular maintenance since you got your computer, there likely are a lot of simple things you can do to increase computer speed.

“If your PC is running slow,” says PC and security expert Robert McMillan, who has written about computer technology (including ways to speed up a computer) since 1996, “uninstall apps that you're not using. See what's running in the background and remove it if you don't need it. Think about uninstalling Java. That's a major resource hog, and often a big security risk too.” So if you’re asking yourself, “How can you speed up your computer?” assess all the unnecessary programs you have running when your computer gets started.

Don’t worry about spending a lot of money because you can learn how to speed up a PC for free. There are plenty of free and built-in utilities for Windows housekeeping if your computer is running slow. Startup Delayer, a free download at;txt, delays programs that may be bogging down your startup time. If you find programs you never use—useless or unwanted stuff bloating your system—it’s always a good idea to uninstall it for good to get a faster computer (Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs).

For the programs you decide to keep, Startup Delayer staggers their launch time so that your computer is faster when it starts. The selected programs run in the background after your machine is already booted, giving you a faster PC. It also lets you easily remove programs entirely from startup (without deleting them from your system). If your computer is running slow, keep in mind that many programs launch by default at startup so that they can constantly scan the Internet for updates, which is not necessarily something you want them to do.

On Windows machines, there are also built-in utilities to make a PC faster. Disk Cleanup can speed up your PC by getting rid of clutter. All those temporary Internet and Windows files, downloads you no longer need and trash you never empty all make your computer run slower. Disk Defragmenter consolidates chopped up files on your computer's hard drive, to make your computer run faster.

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  1. menarik informasinya gan, klo artikelnya menarik dan sangat saya suka penjelasannya yg cukup menarik lagipula loe, juga bagi teman2 yg suka film box office ampe semi terbaru silakan kunjungi situsnya saya ok, makasi untuk admin situs ini loe, salam blogger indonesia.



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