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Why Meat Fish Color Red Or White?

Why fish flesh is generally white, while most other red meats? Is not fish also have blood? And why the fish cook more quickly than other meats?

Of course, this is not just simply because the fish has always been in the water all his life. Fish meat has a different nature than most flesh beings to walk, slither, and fly for several reasons.

Factors that Make Meat Fish More Software
Swim in the water may not bodybuilding events that are too heavy for the fish, otherwise compare with a horse and deer that have raced in a meadow or birds that have wings flapping in the air constantly.

This is why the muscles of the fish are not seberkembang muscles of other animals. Elephants, for example, have to work hard against gravity even when only inigin step, then the muscles grow and they are very hard. Consequently, we must cook it in a temperature below the boiling temperature for a long time to become soft.

But, more important is the fact that the fish have muscle tissue which is fundamentally different from most land animals. For the shot escaped from his enemies, fish jerky motion requires only a few very powerful, compared with other animals that require effort and a long time to do lesatan and running.

Thus, the muscles of fish mainly formed from fibers that can contract quickly. Muscles are generally formed from the files of the fiber. Fish muscles are shorter and thinner than the large fibers to slow contractions in the muscles of terrestrial animals.

Because it can be more easily torn, such as chewing, or described chemically, when cooked. Fish even soft enough to be eaten raw, as in sashimi dishes.

One other important reason why fish is softer than other animals is because they live in environments that are essentially weightless. Therefore, they do not actually need connective tissue cartilage, tendons, ligaments, etc., that are required by most other creatures to support various parts of the body and unites all the main frame. Then the fish practically entirely made up of muscles, tissues without the hard clay is described.

Because all the above, fish meat is so soft that our main problem is to keep not cook it too long. We cook only until all of the protein coagulate and dark colored, just as occurs in proteins in egg whites. Meat was going to be tough and dry if you cook it too long.
Then, why do white fish meat?
Fish blood is not too much, and the little that was largely concentrated in the gills. When the animal was finally served at the dinner table, almost all of his blood has washed out.

Simply wash the blood from the flesh of fish once again associated with the activity of different muscles in the fish. Because it is designed only for quick contractions and a short, muscular fish do not require a reserve of oxygen in the muscles such as land animals that require stamina for their activities.

As we know, the slow contraction of the muscles in terrestrial animals have to store oxygen in myoglobin, a compound that turns red to brown when exposed to air or heat. Myoglobin is, not blood, which makes red meat red.

Okada (1990) state that red meat contains myoglobin and hemoglobin that is prooksidan and rich in fat. The red color on the flesh of fish due to high content of hemoproteinnya mioety composed of proteins, the structure of globin and heme.

Among the existing hemoprotein, myoglobin is the most hemoprotein. Over 80% of the hemoprotein in red meat are myoglobin and hemoglobin.

The content of myoglobin in red meat tuna can be more than 3500 mg/100 g (Watanabe, 1990). This easily happens that causes rancidity in red meat tuna (Okada, 1990).

The main cause of white meat and red meat is the content of the pigment, where the main pigment myoglobin into the present in red meat (Winarno, 1984).

According to the form of myoglobin is similar to hemoglobin is smaller, ie roughly one-fourth part of the large hemoglobin. The myoglobin molecule consists of a single polypeptide chain consisting of 150 amino acids.

Based on its physical properties, myoglobin is part of the meat sarcoplasmic proteins, are soluble in water and dilute salt solution (Clydesdale and Francis, 1976 and Kramlich et al (1973) describes several factors that influence the amount of hemoglobin and myoglobin in meat include:

1) level of network activity,
2) The blood supply,
3) The need for oxygen,
4) Age and species.

Myoglobin molecule consists of two parts: the protein (globin) and the nonprotein (heme). Further stated that the content of myoglobin in the meat of each different depending on the species.

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