Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fox pit reporter Dick Berggren retiring after Dover race

135420218 Fox incurvature communicator Dick Berggren retiring after Dover vie

Fox’s 2012 Sprint Cup vie news over with Sunday’s vie at Dover, and with it, over the 32 assemblage incurvature reporting occupation of communicator Dick Berggren, who is retiring from his incurvature agency duties.

For some NASCAR fans’ watch lifetimes, Berggren’s face (and hat) has been synonymous with NASCAR TV news thanks to his proximity on incurvature road, the terminal 12 with Fox as the network’s advance incurvature reporter.

On Sunday, Berggren conventional a rousing credit in the pre-race drivers’ gathering and a hug in victory lane from vie winner Jimmie Johnson, whose incurvature Berggren was concealment during the race. Many cars had “Thanks for 32 years, Berggie” decals on them, and the entire Fox vie crew wore hats like Berggren’s on camera.

Berggren isn’t leaving racing by some means, though. As the President of the Racing History Preservation Group, Berggren module help advance the creation of the North East Motor Sports Museum at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Congratulations on a fantastic career, Dick. Speedweeks next assemblage on Fox module certainly be assorted with your absence.


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