Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jacob Zuma Penis Painting

Jacob Zuma Penis Painting – About 1,000 supporters of the judgement band in South Africa, the ANC (African National Congress) demonstrated in face of an art museum to protest the painting depicting the crotch of President Jacob Zuma.

As reportable by foetoprotein on Wednesday (5/30/2012), locution the clothes are black, green and gold are same to the ANC, the demonstrators walked along the digit kilometers on the agency to the municipality museum, where riot police formed a obstruction between protesters and galleries.

“Goodman Gallery has agreed to remove the painting from the scheme site,” said ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe told the demonstrators.

The conflict occurred after the museum assemblage of entireness by installing creator Brett Murray. But the biggest angered Zuma is a painting by Vladimir Lenin to reproduce the pose with visible genitals.

The painting was branded a prejudiced and thoughtful a ravishment of the rights and comportment of Zuma on the deposit in African society is not allowed to expose crotch leader.

The protesters wore T-shirts with messages such as “The President has the correct to privacy and dignity”.

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